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Sea and Sun Camp History


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Welcome to our photo album of "The SeaShore Years 1997 - 2005

Our First Camp, 1997

The Sea and Sun Camp began with a Pledge of Allegiance by the campers and counselors. The slightly pregnant woman is our Camp Co-Ordinator, Lion Nancy Ann Sherman.

After signing in, campers go to the dormitories to choose their beds and put things away for the weekend.



The Shrimp Boat tour is one of our most popular events. The campers even get to be Captain for a few moments. Don't ever believe that a blind child can't drive.


Pledge of Allegiance

The wind, the sea air, seagulls squawking, channel markers ringing, fish splashing and the hum of the engines. You don't have to see to experience this boat ride.

shrimp tour3


Transportation that first year was the toughest part. Please go to the next page to see pictures from Camp 98.

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