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Sea and Sun Camp History
Camp 2001


Kids Just Want To Have FUN!


The 2001 Camp saw many new activities for the kids to enjoy.  Below are some of the great memories.


The kids got a real kick out of being able to play basketball.  The goal has a loud beeper and the ball has a bell inside of it.  There is also a bell on the net so the players know when they swish it.
This equipment was donated by the Mississippi Council of the Blind.


Swimming is always a high point for the campers.  This year was no different.
YMCA provides our life guards at no charge.  THANKS!


Beauvoir was on the agenda this year and the new Fragrance garden was a delight to campers and counselors alike.

Tandem Bicycle riding was the biggest hit of the camp.  With three bikes in service, the counselors got a real workout keeping up with the kids who wanted to ride a bicycle.  Many kids were riding for the first time in their lives.  One of the bikes was donated by Mrs. Ann Schuck in memory of her son.  The other two bikes were donated by the Mississippi Council of the Blind.


Members from the Gulfport/Long Beach Optimist Club came to help with the camp.  Below is Hedy Walker, President of the Optimists, driving one of the campers.  She's a pretty fast go-cart driver.


Plan on getting a little wet when you ride the bumper boats with these campers.


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